Snow and more snow…

Vernal, Utah – fracking central…also home to this lovely dinosaur…
Camping along the Snake River in Twin Falls, Idaho – along the Oregon Trail… no one else there but us 🙂
Things got alittle ugly on the drive to Big Sky, but oh so much snow was deposited…
Somebody’s a happy camper….i.e., skier… Big Sky, Montana
Close-up of melting icicles… I think it warmed up to 24 degrees…!!
Huge piles of snow everywhere…

One thought on “Snow and more snow…

  1. Stunning shades of grey, silver and more grey. You’ve got quite an eye for this snow-rich region and eschew the more common sun on the snowbanks. photos. Love the icicles and the mysterious way they are presented -needed to scroll down to find out what one is viewing.


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