Heading west – southern route

vintage Fords, lined up in chronological order- Crawfordville, Florida Panhandle
old gas station – somewhere in the Panhandle
king of the hill – Appalachicola, Florida – huge pile of oyster shells…yum
dinner in Appalachicola, Florida – fried oysters and local beer – what could be better
this one’s for Whitney…cute but streetwise feral cat living in hurricane-damaged building
iconic New Orleans facade – couldn’t resist
downtown New Orleans
biking among the live-oak trees in New Orleans
took a ferry from New Orleans across the Mississippi to Algiers – great levee bike path…
dancing in the streets – New Orleans-style – Frenchman Street
Matt on Frenchman Street – music everywhere and great colors
downtown Lockhart, Texas – barbecue capital of the state
Del Rio, Texas – camped on the Rio Grande
cactus everywhere
more car photos …

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