Flying the drone
Americana – New Mexico
Colorado – this small church had Tiffany stained glass windows – truly a gem
Colorado campsite – near Creede, CO
Wedge Overlook – Utah’s Grand Canyon near Green River, UT
Wedge Overlook, Utah
Wedge Overlook, Utah
wild iris in New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
so many flowers

3 thoughts on “Westward

  1. Heidi, I particularly love the church with hills behind. Got to be a story there about the Tiffany windows! It’s a stunning combination of opposites. Are you in SF yet? Brutal in LA as Mark and family drive east this week. How did you get over the Sierras? Thanks, Alix


  2. Hi Heidi,
    Yes, I love the church too- backdrop, color, and shingling! Also, great shot of Matt in from of turquoise door with pink accent bookends. Stay cool, my friends : )


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