Avoiding the heat in California

Subway Lava Tubes – Mt. Lassen, California
Mt. Lassen
Mt. Lassen

big tree just lying around the campsite – Lake Almanor
a friend hitching a ride on our antenna
iconic California hills
don’t forget to look up – redwoods
light trails on Route 1
getting religion in the Mission, San Francisco
the Mission, San Francisco
good times with John & Allison
waiting for the ferry to Oakland
Noe Valley, SF
good eye John, San Francisco pastels
Sutro Baths, SF
Sutro Baths, SF
Sutro Baths, SF
coast of northern Cali
camping along Rte 1 – northern California
making dinner camper style
foggy sunset
rocky coastline

One thought on “Avoiding the heat in California

  1. Gorgeous pictures of some incredibly lovely places! We hope to see you two next time you’re on this side of the continent!


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