Heading west again – down the east coast to Florida

Matt & Jeff
Bombay Hook, Delaware
Durham, NC
Naval shipyard, Norfolk, VA
Norfolk, VA
Durham, NC
yes, it was a noble lunch indeed…great bbq Fayetteville, NC
Charleston, SC
Shem Creek, Charleston, SC with Jeff & Cindy
Shem Creek, Charleston, SC


fishing – Sarasota, Florida

the gang

glistening sea


Unconditional Surrender statue – Sarasota, Florida

2 thoughts on “Heading west again – down the east coast to Florida

    1. Love “Bernie” and ‘the gang”- -very amusing!
      It’s getting cold fast here, Heidi and Matt with 30s and 40s this week. The Gorries and the new folks from Nashua (Mike and Carolyn plus baby Jack and 3 yearly daughter) moved into Jake’s house yesterday. Looks like the Kendrick house folks, Shawn and Kate, will do major renovation soon-surveyors around. Downtown looks great with lots of lights powered by solar panels on little fir trees.


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