Always expect the unexpected…

Oregon coast – a warmish place to escape the frigid temps and recover from covid…
we even found a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Silverton, Oregon
back to skiing – Mt Bachelor, Bend, Oregon- blizzard conditions – lots of ice!
then this happened! truly the unexpected – wheel fell off…who would have guessed…
friendly tow crew…
hanging around waiting for the truck to be repaired – Smith Rock – slack liners
Bend, Oregon
Is this America? Redmond, Oregon
Redmond, Oregon
truck fixed & back on the road … heading east…
interesting looking cloud ahead…turns out this was ‘freezing fog’
Caldwell, Idaho
Caldwell, Idaho

4 thoughts on “Always expect the unexpected…

  1. Like the new format!

    Ronald D. Segal, Esq.

    172 Newbury Street, 5th Fl.

    Boston, MA 02116

    Phone: (617) 266-3900

    Fax: (617) 424-6599


    BEWARE! WIRE FRAUD IS ON THE RISE. Accepting wire and disbursement instructions by email is dangerous. Verify all wire requests by calling me using previously known contact information and talking to me prior to sending funds.


  2. Not a wheel again! A technical irregularity!
    I love the covered wagon and, what’s up with the pyramid in Caldwell?



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