Taking a break from skiing to explore the desert

Wine o’clock in the desert
Cottonwood Canyon backcountry road, southern Utah
Canyonlands National Park, Utah – so empty this time of year…we had the place to ourselves
Canyonlands, Utah
Matt making some friends – Canyonlands, Utah
messages from the past
Moab, Utah – motorized paragliders at sunset
fording a stream – Moab, Utah
Starvation Reservoir, Utah
near Moab, Utah
don’t see many of these anymore – Benton, Nevada
great camping spot at the paraglider flight park, Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
Goblin Valley, Utah
Goblin Valley, Utah
more friendos – big horn sheep, Utah
backcountry camping in Death Valley, California
cool lizard, Alabama Hills, California
camping near Mammoth Lakes, California
Nightmare Rock, Alabama Hills, California
Camping at the Trona Pinnacles, California
Trona Pinnacles, California
Indiana Jones

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