California dreamin’

The iconic painted ladies – San Francisco – couldn’t resist
Mural somewhere in San Francisco
Old ferry terminal – Richmond, California with John & Allison

Apparently ‘home restaurants’ are a thing now – amazing Mexican in Richmond, California
Awww yeah…

Bernal Heights, San Francisco

seals – SF
heading down the coast towards Big Sur, California
my favorite thing – elephant seals – south of Big Sur – looking pretty lazy there guys…

who can resist that face?
so many seals, so little time…
males weigh about 5,000 lbs!!
gentle rolling hills of central California at sunset
Stinson Beach with John & Patty, Gary & dogs…
Bodega Bay – the twins…
Point Reyes, California
street art in Sebastopol, California
last summer’s fire damage along the Feather River Canyon, California – the green color is fire retardant

the town of Greenville, California was completely destroyed in August 2021
saw this jaunty fellow in Chester, California

And now….dogs we were lucky enough to meet along the way…

Parker and Luke – pretty tired after a run on the beach…
The photogenic and angelic Angel…looking so elegant on Susan’s couch…
And of course, noble Tai….

One thought on “California dreamin’

  1. Loved the sand dunes at dusk and the exuberance of the opening pix- you sure love CA. Headed south? to LA? Our guys aregoing to Mammoth for long weekend soon.
    Spring has come- and vernal equinox tomrrow-50s daytime. I have started seedlings. The Salines have gone to their cottage in Ipswich and thence to Buffalo-house being built there. Will you be backing April?


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